Frequently Asked Questions

As a passenger you might have so many questions about Indian Railways and here we have provided some frequently asked questions which help you in getting know about various functionalities of our railway department.

1. Who operates Indian Railways?

Indian railways falls under government sector and is operated by the railway ministry. There were some rumors that it will be converted to private segment. As of now there are no such plans.

2. What is PNR number and whats the use of it.

A PNR number is a 10 digit passenger name record which is printed on the train ticket. This number is generated at the time of booking a train ticket and is stored in the railway system database. This PNR number is used to track the status of the train ticket. An example is if you have booked a ticket under waiting list, then you will know whether your ticket is confirmed or not only by checking the pnr status of the ticket.

3. How to book a train ticket?

There are two ways to book a train ticket. The first and old method is by going to the near by railway stations and booking a ticket. The modern way is to logging into the irctc portal and booking a ticket.

4. Who can book a ticket?

Indians and foreigners can a book a train ticket.

5. How to book a local train ticket?

Mostly local train tickets can be booked only at the railway stations and is not possible to book online. However there are some exceptions like the Mumbai and Delhi metro train tickets can be booked from mobile applications.

6. What about the travel Insurance?

This is actually a good to have service. The Indian railways has introduced this for tatkal ticket booking where each passengers have to pay Rs.1.98 for travel insurance. For more details visit the IRCTC portal.

7. How to track the live location of train?

Currently there is no way to exactly know the live location of a running train. However the Indian railways have come up with service which is known as the train running status where the passengers can know the last crossed railway station and by how much delay the train is running.

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